Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekly Illustration # 1

Some friends have gotten together to do weekly illustrations to force us to do some drawing that is purely for fun and non industry related. This weeks topic was designing a secondary character for the Disney/ Pixar "Cars" universe.

The car I picked was my little '86 Ford Escort that I bought off of my Mum for $1 when I got my license. Mum and I called him Romeo since his license plate was XWR (X-ray Whiskey Romeo). I've chosen to make him a secret agent under cover as a "lemon" for Cars 2.

Happy Canada Day!

"Boost " was a character from the original "Cars" that was modeled after a Nissan Skyline. So i thought it would be cool to show an updated version based off a 2012 GTR. I also thought that since Boost ended up in trouble at the end of the first movie, that he is a bit older now and laid off the mods for his new version. Still a few, (lots of cabon fiber and the cool new matte finish paint job :P ) but not over the top. I may do an all out modded version later for kicks.

Big shout out to Tweakfox @ for the vector art tutorial. (I couldn't have done it without you!) Boost was all drawn in Photoshop using vectors, and then over painted for all the shading and finishing touches.

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