If you are interested in joining our weekly illustration club, please feel free to send us an email with your email address and we will be happy to add you to our list of contributors so that you can easily post to our blog!

You can also check out our Facebook Group!

Submission Rules
Since every site should have a few...
  • Seriously offensive and inappropriate posts, links or other will be removed and you will be warned. Post something like that again and you will banned.
  • Nudity is allowed, but keep the above rule in mind.
  • Artwork thieves will not be tolerated. Don't steal peoples work and claim it as your own. Don't do it.
  • Feel free to use work you've already created if it fits the topic, but try not to do it too often since it defeats the purpose of the weekly illustration concept.
  • Play nice with others. Giving feedback is allowed but let's keep it constructive! If you don't want people to give you feedback, then please say so in your post.
  • Layouts, props, characters are all acceptable as long as it fits the topics!
  • Be creative and have fun!!

Please follow the rules so we don't have to add more! Thanks everyone!